Fleurabbit is an art & design studio

founded by Artist & Illustrator Emma Chong.

 a labour of love, born from a passion for the arts and for life. Here we celebrate the joys of living, through watercolours, ink and the beauty of the world we live in.  

Our Services

At Fleurabbit Studio, each piece of art is passionately crafted by the artist herself. Handmade original art and art prints inspired by nature, literature and antiques created through the process of careful observation, sketching, drawing, painting and digitisation.

To bring home a piece of handcrafted love that’s bound to liven up any space or home, visit our shop.

Looking for a customised painting/ portrait, or a special something for a friend? Send your request to us at fleurabbit@gmail.com, we will make that timeless unique art piece a dream come true for you. 

Got a wedding, party or events to plan? Our bespoke custom illustration services might just be what you are looking for!

Wanna learn how to preserve the beauty of florals with watercolours? Check out our curated workshops today.

Have brilliant ideas to share? drop us a message here and we can make something magical together!


Hello, I am Emma!

I’m the dreamer, lover, adventure-seeker, and creator behind Fleurabbit Studios.

This is my story.

A journey of self-discovery

After graduated fromNanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore (NAFA), I desired to further my education in the arts but due to financial constraints I decided to begin my journey somewhere else. And as with all things in life, it took a while for me to find my path. Several years of working in the creative industries brought me the courage to take a leap of faith to set up my own wedding styling boutique.

It was around this time that I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder. My mental state, combined with the effects of mood stabilisers casted a dark cloud over my life. Losing all passion and focus, a tough decision was made to dissolve the business. With the stresses of work out of the way, I was officially on my way to rehabilitation. In order to fill my days, I worked leisurely as a florist and art teacher.

During the nights, I enjoyed quiet moments painting the flower centrepieces I have arranged in the day. It brought me great joy to recreate each petal, bud and vine in painting, to capture its beauty in a way that lasts for an eternity. I was captivated and passionate once more. Call it a blessing in disguise, but a half year on, I was miraculously healed. Painting flowers have rekindled my spirit for life and transformed my darkest moments into beautiful works of art.

I was a dreamer chasing a broken dream, and just like the seed of a flower, bare and lifeless, I was resurrected from the ground, blooming where I first withered.

The birth of Fleurabbit Studio

Today, I am a Visual artist and Illustrator, working primarily with watercolour, ink, fresh flowers and dip pen. 

I share my artistic journey, passion and insights of floral painting with the world through my Instagram gallery and Youtube channel . I also conduct private painting workshops regularly at my Home studio.

I draw inspiration from the everyday life of urban livings, my personal works of art revolve around topics of time and space, femininity, womanhood in disguise of floral symbols, literature and collectible antiques that have inspired me on my journey. My illustrations feature vibrant colours and detailed drawings with delicate elements, decorative ornaments inspired by the romantics of days gone by; partly due to my incessant appetite for the Chinoiserie and Classical paintings.

My art is an interpretation of my life - I paint ‘fleur’, and with it the stories of my life.